I-SEM Energy Trading Simulator

Learn how to trade on the new I-SEM market in Ireland

Models various relevant plants

The player has a portfolio of generation plant in the I-SEM market including a CCGT, Coal, Pumped Storage & Peaker (OCGT) plant. The player will have to decide when is the optimal time to run the plants and when to hold back for the balancing Market. The player will trade individual half- hourly periods, as well as balancing gas and carbon for each of their plants, to improve their financial position.

I-SEM Market

Learn the I-SEM market including (Euphemia, Day-Ahead Auction, Intraday Continuous Market, Balancing Market and EU ETS. A simplified representation of the Balancing Market allows participants to offer the inherent flexibility of the Generation Portfolio to the system operator. Accepted bids and offers provide significant financial rewards against relatively small volumes of traded power. The player will need to decide which plant to hold back to take advantage of market conditions.

Financial Results

The simulation calculates the full and detailed financial results of participants’ activities. This includes the costs and revenues generated from power, gas and carbon trading, activity in the Balancing Market and the results of any imbalances between traded and physical positions.

Course Overview

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ISEM Market Simulator Explained

The new I-SEM market Operates 24/7, with Continuous Intra-Day Market for each half-hour which is similar to the GB BETTA power and Continental Markets. Trading ceases one-hour ahead of each half-hour of delivery with 'Gate Closure'. From Gate Closure to end of the half-hour, 'trading' takes place with TSOs (Eirgrid/SONI) through the Balancing Mechanism.

The player will manage a portfolio of generation to mirror the new markets and allow the player to optimise their portfolio with the balancing market.

In each scenario, participants get the opportunity to make bids and offers for power in the day-ahead auction for each plant in their generation portfolio, taking account of the physical parameters of the plants.


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ISEM Simulation for Irish Energy Market

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