APTrade Energy Trading System

Our Energy Trading system (ETRM) is here. APTrade's Energy ETRM will allow you to create and manage your trades, allow automated communication with Elexon for notifications, buy and sell on the EPEXSPOT auctions and continuous market.

Cloud based - APTrade's Energy ETRM has been built as a modular web-based application that is hosted in the cloud.

Trading Interface - APTrade's Energy ETRM web interface allows speedy trade capture and price management, logistics, scheduling and position management. Trades can be entered into the system directly or pulled from the EPEXSPOT Comtrader and ETS applications.

Straight Through Processing - APTrade's Energy ETRM is certified for the EPEXSPOT exchange under their ISV program allowing Straight Through Processing (STP) for Auction and Intraday Trading.

Elexon Volume Reconciliation - APTrade's Energy ETRM Notification Module has been specifically designed to assist participants in the British Electricity Trading Arrangements (BETTA) in Great Britain.

Real Time Market Info - APTrade's Energy Data Module gives the trader real-time information to help with Trading decisions

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Energy Trading Simulations

APT Energy offers a portfolio of highly detailed interactive Energy Trading Simulations. These trading games have been developed (and are continually updated) with major utilities ensuring a detailed and realistic insight and hands-on experience covering most European markets

Trading Simulations - Realistic representation of various trading activities. Working under time pressure to make the correct trading decisions.

Learning - Effective learning by doing rather then listening.

Scenarios - Scenarios become more progressively challenging. Motivated learning through having fun.

Dispatch - Learn how to despatch your suite of generation plants in the GB and Irish Markets and trade to optimise your assets.

Options - Learn how to Delta Hedge to manage your risk position (VaR) in an interactive simulation where you need to interpret the market and make decisive decisions.

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AptDealer is our quick trading game, It has been developed to give a user an understanding of trading in a fun and challenging way.

Events - can be used interactively at events and Trade Fairs to pull prospective customers to your exhibit.

Compete - Compete in an real-time leaderboard to showoff your knowledge of energy trading, in one of our games

Analyse - analyse, anticipate and react quickly to market changes. To increase your profits, sell when the price is high. Rising and falling prices are indicated by the price graphs. You can also “Short” the market by selling when the price is high and buying back when the price is low.

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Online Cloud Delivery

Our modular APTrade ETRM and our Energy Trading Simulations are both available online. Enterprise Licenses are also available for running the Energy Trading Simulation courses in-house.


Apt has developed strong partnerships to improve our offerings for our customers.

Energy BrainPool - EBP is an independent energy market expert for the energy sector that focuses on the electricity and energy trading in Germany.

Lilac Energy - Lilac Energy delivers The Fundamental Data Manager (FDM) which is a modular system for the collection of commodities and financial data curves, which typically include forecast and actual commodity consumption and production, and actual and forecast market prices.

PACES - Independent consultants expert in wholesale energy markets and low carbon technologies. Helping clients understand a complex and evolving market place, formulate and implement decarbonisation strategies, and optimise commercial benefits.

Certified ISV with EPEX SPOT - EPEX SPOT is the leading exchange for the power spot markets at the heart of Europe representing 50% of European electricity consumption.


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